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Looking To Purchase, Sell, Florida Hotels, Motels or Shopping Malls. Daniel L. Tedesco, Broker, Attorney, With Tedco Realty, Inc.

Off-market properties sell quickly, to include properties sold at auction or sold for all cash with a quick close. These usually the best deals because of the urgency to sell. Both foreign and domestic buyers eliminate utilizing the traditional process of listing a property with certain realtors, and may not be as motivated, or willing to endure a lengthy sales process to get a higher price.

The New Trend, Off-Market, Commercial Real Estate Sales.

In the last 3 years Off-Market Florida Commercial Property Sales have increased significantly. Prime real estate deals with unlisted properties, not listed with realtors or on MLS databases. These new properties may have just come on market, and the seller wants to quickly close a deal, or the seller may want to sell the property without the time, hassle and expenses in the traditional sale of commercial properties.

Daniel L. Tedesco, Florida Broker, Tedco Realty, Inc.


Off-Market Commercial Real Estate, Good Price, Less Negotiating

Another advantage of using an off-market listing is that sellers do not generally have to go through a large number of showings. Buyers are often the very few who can make their offers in privacy with the potential of acquiring the investment property without the tradition negotiations of real estate purchases. Off-Market real estate is a win-win for buyers and sellers

Copmmercial Investment In Florida


Shopping Centers & Hotels.

1) Miami 11-12 Mil. Multi-family - 48 stories

2) Clearwater 12 Mil. 160 acres.

3) Orlando 5.9 Mil. 27.5 acres.

4) Tampa 2.2 Mil. 4.09 acres.

5) Orlando 7.5 Mil. 194 +/- acres.

6) Hutchinson Island 6 Mil. 42.5 acres.





Investing In Florida Hotels


 Off-Market,  Multi Family, Listings.

1) Jacksonville 11.5 Mil. 228 units - 21 Buildings.  

2) Tampa 12.15 Mil. 135 units.

3) Doral 42 Mil. 170 units - Class (A).

4) Ft. Lauderdale 45 Mil. 190 units - Class (A).

5) Miami Beach 2.9 Mil. 16 units.


6) Lake Worth 43.1 Mil. 204 units - Class A&B.

7) Jacksonville 16 Mil. 357 units.

8) Boynton Beach 52 Mil. 226 units - Class (A).

9) Haines City 30 Mil. 432 units - Class (B).

10) Ft. Lauderdale 15 Mil. 120 units - Class (C).

11) Tampa 27.5 Mil. 296 units. .


South Beach, Palm Beach Condo Investments


Off-Market, Florida Commercial Real Estate

1) Best Western 11 Mil. 100+ keys.

 2) Quality Suites 9.5 Mil. 200+ keys.

3) Best Western 11.2 Mil. 80+ keys.

4) La Quinta 7.1 Mil. 80+ keys.

5) Travelodge 7.8 Mil. 100+ keys.

6) Quality Inn 8.2 Mil. 50 keys.

7) Best Western 10.5 Mil. 100+ keys.


Is Off-Market Commercial Real Estate Investments Right For You?.

The all-cash deals are dominating all levels of the real estate markets. From more affordable residential real estate to commercial shopping mall or hotel priced in the millions. Buyers "know cash is king, so that is what they are going to offer.

Florida Property Investments, Daniel L. Tedesco, Broker, Tedco Realty, Inc.

Florida real estate,

Trusting the right Realtor.

Daniel L. Tedesco, Broker
Tedco Realty, Inc.
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Email: fcbflorida@gmail.com
Telephone: USA  954-882-4252

Retail Centers Are Profit Centers.

  Investors are making a fortune just by purchasing and selling Retail Centers. You can too. We tell investors to buy and sell higher than the purchase price.

Investor, developers and owners all are looking to purchase new or existing Retail Shopping Centers. Both long and short termed strategies can be discussed.

 If you are considering a shopping center as a "first time" Real Estate Investment, you will have a few things to learn; but with our experienced, buying and selling is as simple as making a phone call.


Your challenge is to determine what long or short termed profit strategy you desire and let us do the rest.

Everything Is Negotiable - Once you've decided what TYPE of retail investment you require, where, and how long you will need it, it's time to consult a realtor/broker/lawyer and we discuss what specific issues you need to address in order to negotiate the best price for this investment.

Hotels, Motels Investments.

Many investors Domestic or international buyers, seeking  Hotel Investment.    Our organization can provide new buyers access to brand name or privately owned hotels.

We strive to actively seek hotel properties that will fit your investment needs. Give our expertise in this business, we continues to expand your initial ideas with our expertise to focus on profits and to maximize your investments.

We represent buyers from around the world with great recommendation upon request.

I am a licensed Real Estate Broker/Associate agent with Premier Hotel Realty, LLC who is an independent commercial real estate brokerage, committed to providing outstanding service and value to buyers and sellers.

Tedco Realty, Inc. strives to develop quality working relationships with clientele; relationships based on respect, integrity, and trust.
 Contact Daniel L. Tedesco. USA  (954) 882 - 4252.

Apartments, Investments.

Over the past five to ten years, apartments complexes have become the champions of first time real estate investors. One of the main reasons is the apartment offer a steady steam of income to the owners.

Each month, if managed properly rental fees are collected which take care of the mortgage and accumulate profits. If the screening tenant applications is conducted properly the monthly rent, and routine requests from tenants is handled with ease.

It must also be said, however, that some apartments complexes won't allow renters certain rights to include pets, grandchildren and there spouses. Be sure to check what you consider a proper investment and the complex's By-laws before you purchase.

Also remember, who you have to manage this complex is dependable and reliable to make sure that these By-Laws are upheld. The complex management and staff is the most important aspect of this type of investment. 
Contact Daniel L. Tedesco at  fcbflorida@gmail.com

U.S Visa & Land Trust information.

South America, Asia, Europeans Are Investing In Florida. Please Read About How To Obtain A United Stats Visa.

Reasons To Invest

Florida, For A Business
Florida, As A New Home
U.S. Tax Advantages
Economic Stability

U.S. Visa Information

U.S. EB-5 Visas
U.S. E-2 Visas
U.S. E-1 Visas
How To Obtain  A U.S. Visa

Land Trust Information

Canadian Investors
European Investors
South America Investors
Asian Investors

Profit And Privacy, Off-Market Real Estate Investments

Commercial Real Estate Investors can gain the greatest benefits from off-market real estate, because this is how they get the best deals and make the most money.

One of the most important reasons, to purchase off-market commercial real estate is the desire for privacy. If your privacy is a top concern, and you don't want the public to know that you are buying or selling a property, an off-market listing is a great option.

Language section, For International Investors.

Tedco Realty, Inc. is also proud to have developed relationships with lenders, inspectors, contractors, and a wide range of commercial real estate professionals. We pride ourselves on building a solid foundation for your transaction to rest upon.

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